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Certified and commercial translation

Certificates, contracts; legal and professional documents; POAs Balances, commercial documents; tax returns. Patents. Insurances.


Patent and technical translation

Civil, hydraulic, mechanical, sanitary and road & transportation engineering. Renewable energies, environment. Machine tools and user manuals.


Medical, biological and pharmaceutical translation

Medical and clinical records, manuals of medical surgical devices. Research & development, pharmaceutical documents, drug registration documentation. Scientific articles, expositions, book chapters.

  • Certified translations
  • Certified translations are those that must be signed and sealed by a Certified Translator in order to be presented for its legalization before a public agency.

    I carry out certified translations (those requiring the signature and seal of a Certified Translator) of Uruguayan documents to be used abroad, and of foreign documents to be used for legal purposes in Uruguay.

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  • Biomedical and pharmaceutical translation
  • I have a BS in Biology and great experience in the translation of different biologica, medical and pharmaceutical subjects.

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  • Patent and technical translation
  • I have translated hundreds of texts of different engineering subjects for some of the more renowned Uruguayan engineering companies, among which stand out CIEMSA and CSI Ingenieros.
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    This, combined with my scientific and legal education, has prepared me for the translation of patents.
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  • Revision, edition and transcription
  • I provide you with revision and edition services before you publish your text. I also provide transcription services of audio and video files.

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Welcome, and thank you for visiting this webpage. My name is Pablo Mones, and I am BA in Legal Translation and a BS in Biology, both titles awarded by the University of the Republic.

My aim is to provide you with a customized service in order to meet your needs. If you are looking for a sworn translation, a simple translation, a revision and proofreading services, or transcription services, you are in the right place.

Services and areas of expertise

I provide linguistic services between English and Spanish, mainly in the legal, commercial, medical, biological, environmental and engineering sectors, among others.

Academic specialization and research expertise

I expect to provide your translation project with all the benefits of my specialized knowledge in these academic disciplines. For this, I use rigorous research skills to solve any terminological problems, as well as draw on a network of experts to provide me with terminological and linguistic advice.


The list of clients who entrust me with their translation needs includes individuals, researchers, universities, small businesses, consulting firms and international organizations. My clients come from a range of industries, and I enjoy the challenge posed by new subject areas.

I am also frequently called in by colleagues who rely on me when they are too busy to take the assignments by themselves, or who recommend my work to their clients.

In the case of large translation projects requiring more than one translator, I work with several colleagues, including some of the best in Uruguay, to meet your needs in the scheduled date.


If you want to know more about my translation services, you may call me at 099 409671, or you may send an email to

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