I provide you with three types of services for your different needs: translation, proofreading and editing, and transcription

Translation services             

There are two main types of translations: certified (sworn) and non-certified translations.

Certified (sworn) translations: They are the translations of those documents that must be presented before public bodies or agencies. They require the seal and sign of a certified translator. As a Certified Translator, I am registered before the Supreme Court, thus having all my translations legal force before all public bodies and agencies.

Non-certified translations: In this field, that does not require the translator’s seal and sign, I work in different legal, scientific, commercial and technical areas where I am well qualified and trained.

My main working fields are as follows:

     Certified and legal translation: It includes contracts, documents, and certificates, among others. I have great experience in the subject, having been President of the Colegio de Traductores Públicos del Uruguay (the Uruguayan association of certified translators).  More.

     Medical, biological and pharmaceutical translation: I have a BS in Biology that has entitled me for these subjects, of which I have carried out numerous translations. More.

     Technical and engineering translation: I have carried out hundreds of translations on different subjects for some of the most renowned Uruguayan companies, among which stand out CSI Ingenieros and CIEMSA. More.

     Finance and insurance translation: I have a solid background in different subjects of these areas. More.

Proofreading and editing services             

I provide you proofreading and editing services for your documents so that they can be clear, compelling and error free.

By editing and polishing your documents, you will be sure that they are free of grammatical errors and style and usage problems. I will send you an edited manuscript that is well-written and does not have that awkward, translated feel.

Transcription services             

I provide accurate and affordable audio and video transcription services at a reasonable price. I take audio or video files (or links online) and transcribe them quickly and accurately.
Budgets are based in minute of audio and sound quality, so that you may know how much you will be paying for your transcription, with no surprises.

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