Certified and legal translations

Certified translations

I carry out certified translations (those requiring the signature and seal of a Certified Translator) of Uruguayan documents to be used abroad, and of foreign documents to be used for legal purposes in Uruguay.

Following, some examples of documents that require a certified translation:

•    Civil status documents and certificates (birth, death and marriage certificates; other certificates.)
•    General certificates (certificate of residence, certificate of good conduct, travel permits, passports, identity cards, other documents.)
•    Commercial documents (balance sheets, sworn depositions, tax forms and registrations, debt-free certificates, notes, other documents).
•    Legal documents (minutes of meetings of the Board of Directs and shareholders, marriage contracts, contracts, deeds, bylaws, rogatory letters, dossiers, habeas corpus, official letters, partition of assets, powers of attorney, court decisions, wills, other documents.)
•    Invention patents and other technical documents that must be presented before any governmental body.
•    Concordance certificates.

Concordance certificates

Sometimes, documents come translated into Spanish by a Translator from another country. However, Uruguayan regulations establish that said document shall be revised by a Uruguayan Certified Translator so that it is valid in our country. Therefore, the Certified Translator will revise and compare the translation with the original document and will produce a concordance certificate according to the results of the comparison. In the event that the Certified Translator considers that the translation does not correspond to the original document, s/he will do a new translation of the original document. The concordance certificate will always be signed and sealed by the Certified Translator, and it is this certificate the one which will grants its validity in Uruguay to that translation made abroad

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